Upinnatuq Awards

In honour of Justice Beverly Browne 

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2017 Call for Nominations

Inuktitut - Detailed Call for Nominations

English- Detailed Call for Nominations

Francais – Detailed Call for Nominations


Who is eligible? Nominations are open for Students enrolled in grade 6 to 12 or Youths between the ages of 10 to 20 years old.

Who can nominate? As a member of your community, including principals, teachers, student support assistants, organizations and any member of the public that is not directly related to the student or youth, the Foundation is asking you to nominate an individual who embodies peace, leadership, conflict resolution, or who made strong efforts to change his/her attitude and behaviour to become a role model.

What is required to nominate?

  1. You need to write a letter that explains why the student or youth embodies peace, leadership, conflict resolution, or who made strong efforts to change his/her attitude and behaviour to become a role model.
  2. You need to indicate the age, school and grade for the student or the age of the youth who is not currently attending school.

What is the deadline to submit your letter?   Friday, December 1rst 2017, 5pm EST.

How do you submit your letter ?  By email: administrator@nulf.ca ; by fax: 867-979-2333 or by mail to: P.O. Box 69, Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0 .

 Our 2016 recipients are:

  • Colby Hickey, Iqaluit 

  • Jillian Kyak, Pond Inlet

  • Taryn Lavallee, Iqaluit

  • Nolan Sammurtok, Rankin Inlet

Read more about our 2016 recipients.

Learn more about the Award , who is eligible to nominate and criteria

2014 Recipients The Nunavut Law Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Upinnaqtuq Awards. The word “Upinnaqtuq”in Inuktitut means “to celebrate a person’s accomplishments” or “a person you are proud of”. The Recipients are:

  • Etuangat Akeeagok, Grise Fiord
  • Kiyanna Drachenberg,Iqaluit
  • Margaret Gauthier, Iqaluit
  • Hayden Hickey, Iqaluit
  • Scott Kiluksishak, Pond Inlet
  • Kaj Sandbakken, Iqaluit
  • Veronica Uttak,Repulse Bay
  • Aloka Wijesooriya, Iqaluit


View our photo gallery from the November 14 Iqaluit celebrations!

Board member Marie Belleau                          Lighting of the Qulliq by Annie,                                                                   Kaj’s grandmother

quiliq (480x640)marie belleau (480x640)








 Recipient Hayden Hickey from Iqaluit

Hayden Hickey (230x400)

Recipient Margaret Gauthier (middle front) with her parents(left) and nominator teacher Jeremy Smith (back row) and Mandy Sammurtok (far right)

gauthier group (640x480)


Kaj group (2) (640x480)
Recipient Kaj Sandbakken (far left) with family membes, nominator teacher Jeremy Smith (back row right) and Mandy Sammurtok (far right)

mandy and kiyanna
mandy and hayden's dad



Recipient Kiyanna Drachenberg (left)           Recipient Hayden’s Hickey’s Dad (left)  with Mandy Sammurtok (right)                             with Many Sammurtok (right)

Recipient Aloka Wijesooriya’s mom (left) with Mandy Sammurtok (right)

aloka mom

2013 Upinnaqtuq Awards

November 13,2013 Media Advisory : English here and Inuktitut here
November 28, 2013 Nunatsiaq News article:Nunavut Law Foundation hands out Upinnaqtuq awards

The Upinnaqtuq Awards were created in 2011 to honour of Madame Justice Beverly Browne, who sat as a Territorial Court Judge in the Northwest Territories from 1990 until 1999 before becoming the first Senior Judge of the unified Nunavut Court of Justice upon Nunavut’s creation until 2009.

The Awards commemorate Justice Browne’s active volunteerism in Nunavut’s communities, her commitment to social justice, and her particular dedication to working with youth. They are awarded annually to students and youth throughout Nunavut who demonstrate qualities of leadership in conflict resolution or remarkable progress in rehabilitation.


November 2013 UPINNAQTUQ AWARD EVENT in Iqaluit:

IMG_board nad local recipients0025

Board members with Iqaluit recipients.

(Missing from photo is Chantel Kunuk)

Great turn out from family, friends and community members!