Access to Justice Program


Access to Legal Knowledge Launch!

The Access to Justice Program was launched in February 2016.  We look forward to sharing news and updates that relate to the Law Society’s Access to Justice efforts and the work of its Committee members.

The Access to Justice Program’s overarching vision:

The Access to Justice Program was adopted by the Law Society membership during its 2014 AGM. This Program is committed to building connections and using a collaborative approach to better respond to the legal needs and interests of all Nunavummiut.

The Access to Justice Program’s main projects:

1) Access to Legal Knowledge Initiative – Information with Support.

Connecting people to relevant resources and information will help them identify their problem, increase their understanding of their rights and obtain the necessary legal help. Not only will the Initiative produce high-quality, multi-lingual information materials, but it will also make that information available through multiple delivery sources (phone line, online, in person, using different community resources or leaders etc.).

The Initiative was officially launched on Saturday, February 7th, in partnership with Maliiganik Tukisiiniakvik Legal Services. This launch was also in celebration of Maliiganik’s 40th anniversary.

Press Release Inuktitut and English.

2) Legal Capability – Building Law as a Life Skill

Connecting members of the justice system, including lawyers, judges and court staff, with students through school-based activities will be an opportunity to introduce legal concepts, change attitudes towards the justice system, and build trust and interest in legal sector careers.

3) Legal Health – Public Workshops. 

Basic public information sessions will provide an overview of a legal topic and allow people to meet a lawyer without the anxiety of an active conflict. These sessions will rely on reinforce the CBA legal health checklists and connect the LSN’s A2J program with activities underway in other jurisdictions. A roster of topics and session outlines, handouts and visuals for public sessions on commonly requested topics will be enhanced and made available to LSN members, building on the existing base of Legal Aid sessions.

Learn more about our community events.

Thank you: Many thanks to all of the organizations (non-governmental and governmental), law society members and their employers and staff who support our access to justice efforts. It is because of their dedication and willingness to share information and expertise that we are able to take this next important step. A special recognition to the many law students who during these past 4 years have made significant contributions to keep this project moving forward.