3 Ways to Practice Law

There are Three (3) ways to be entitled to practice law in Nunavut:

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1)     Regular Membership

Regular membership allows lawyers to actively practice law in the Territory.

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Applicants for regular membership, transferring from another jurisdiction, must do some required reading under ss 39.3(3)of the Rules. A statutory declaration stating that the reading was done and understood must be submitted with an application for regular membership. The statutory declaration can be found in the application package

NB. Though not required for the purposes of transferring, we encourage applicants to acquaint themselves with the culture, geography, and history of Nunavut and its people using the supplemental reading material.

2)     Restricted Appearance Certificate (RAC)

A Restricted Appearance Certificate (“RAC”) only allows lawyers to actively practice law in the Territory on up to three (3) legal matters for the period of one year.

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3)     Canadian Legal Advisor (CLA)

The Canadian Legal Advisor (“CLA”) Certificate is for lawyers with a Bachelor of Civil Law. CLA lawyers are restricted to giving legal advice and doing legal work on:

a) the law of Quebec,
b) matters under federal jurisdiction, and
c) matters involving public international law.