General Grants


February 2017 –  Review of the current policy

Please note the Board of Directors is currently reviewing the General Grant policy. The Inuktitut version of both the policy and application form will be provided as soon the work of the Board is completed. Please contact the administrator for application deadline dates: .

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[Click here] download the direct fill-in application form.  Requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Extraordinary grant proposals may be considered at a regular Directors meeting throughout the year depending upon the availability of funds and the majority approval of the Board of Directors.

November 5 2015 Launch of the Video Understanding the Nunavut Court Process  in all 4 languages

The Foundation is pleased to be part of this important initiative and to support access to justice initiatives that enhance public awareness and experience with the legal system as it is an important guiding principles for the work of the Foundation.

Read the complete speech by Director Marie Belleau INUKENG . 

Learn more about how to get a copy of the Video.


May 2014 –  We thank the Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council for supporting the Access to Knowledge Initiative under the guidance of the Law Society of Nunavut. The Council is an important stakeholder for the Family Issues and Family Violence priority theme of the Initiative. We dropped by the Council office on May 27  in Iqaluit and met with Beth Beattie, ED ( left) and Charlotte Borg, President (right) to provide a grant that will help to disseminate the legal information on their new website.


IMG_RAnawak NOv 20130009The Law Foundation provided a grant in November 2013  to Robin Anawak

in support of his efforts to complete the LSAT exams in Ottawa.

The Board of Directors wishes Mr. Anawak the best of luck !


The Law Foundation  approved a grant both in 2012 and 2013 to Priscilla Ferrazzi, Ph D candidate.  Her research article “Improving Criminal Justice for People with Mental Illness in Remote Arctic Communities” explores ways in which the criminal justice system can be better adapted for Nunavut.





Priscilla Ferrazzi is a PhD Candidate at Queen’s University. She is also a long-time Assistant Crown Attorney with a specialty in mental health and extensive experience prosecuting criminal cases in Nunavut and Ontario. A former member of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s province-wide Mental Health Advisory Committee, Priscilla is currently a member-at-large of the Law Society of Nunavut Sub-committee on Access to Justice. She lives in Kingston.

[Click here] to read  a research summary.