New Model Code of Conduct

November 8,2016 – New Model Code of Conduct     

Law Society members are now governed by a new Model Code of Conduct in replacement of the CBA Code of Conduct adopted in March 2005. Read the Notice to Profession. 

November 7, 2016 Special General Meeting.

Notice and Materials  ( See Appendix A for the Resolution related to the adoption of the Model Code).

September 2016  – Model Code update.   The Model Code Review Working Group has completed its review of the 2014 Federation of Law Societies of Canada Model Code of Professional Conduct  (Model Code). A consultation was held from May to September 2 followed by a  final  presentation on the proposed Nunavut version that took place on September 8 in Iqaluit with conference call available to all members.   

Next steps?  Adoption of the proposed Model Code Nunavut version at a Special General Meeting to be scheduled in late October , early November. Stay tuned!.

  • Download the proposed LSN Model Code red line version
  • Read Sacha Paul’s Memo ( LSN May 28, 2016 AGM presentation)
  • Read  the complete June 21,2016 Notice to the Profession

May 2015 Update Under the leadership of LSN Member, Sacha Paul of Winnipeg, and guidance from  Ross McLeod, Practice  Advisor, the Model Code Review Working Group is currently reviewing  the new proposed Federation of Law Societies of Canada Model Code of Professional Conduct  (Model Code).

Context – Excerpts taken from the FLSC Website :  Each of Canada’s law societies enforces a code of conduct for members of the legal profession in their jurisdiction. With national mobility of the profession, the law societies recognize the benefit of moving toward a harmonized national standard of rules of conduct so that the public can expect the same ethical requirements to apply wherever their legal advisor may practice law. The Federation has approved a Model Code of Professional Conduct  that has been implemented by a number of law societies and is under review by others.  Over time, it is expected that any significant differences in rules of conduct across Canada will be eliminated. The Federation has established a Standing Committee on the Model Code of Professional Conduct to monitor changes in the law and to recommend improvements over time as the Model Code is implemented. Learn more about the work of the FLSC designated Standing Committee and Amendments  here.