Rules Committee


Merrilee Rasmussen                                                                     Chair
  • Thomas Ahlfors
  • Michael Chandler
  • Nancy Hellyer

You can read the 2018-19 Law Society AGM Committee Report delivered by the Chair here.


The Rules Committee was established on September 19, 2017 by an Act to amend the LPA S. Nu., c 27.  Pursuant to Rule 8.1, the Rules Committee shall:


(3) The Rules Committee shall examine any proposed rule forwarded to it to ensure that it

(a) is authorized by this Act;

(b) is consistent with the enactments of Nunavut and Canada;

(c) does not trespass unduly on existing rights and freedoms; and

(d) does not constitute an unusual or unexpected use of the authority under which it is to be made.


(4) Following the examination under subsection (3), the Rules Committee shall advise the Executive and the members of the Society that the proposed rule has been examined and indicate any matter referred to in that subsection to which the attention of the Executive and the members of the Society should be drawn


For complete Rule 8.1 – Rules Committeeclick here .