Transferring under the Territorial Mobility Agreement

Requirements : Active Status and Reading List

TAKE NOTICE: Pursuant to ss. 39.3 (1) of the Rules of the LSN,  you must be an active member in another Canadian jurisdiction in order to transfer under the Territorial Mobility Agreement.

  • Click here to read the relevant provisions of the Rules of the LSN applicable to transferring under the TMA.

TAKE NOTICE: Materials referred to under ss. 39.3(3) of the Rules of the LSN are the authorities, statues and rules of Nunavut and constitute the Required Reading List.

Supplementary reading material is also available. Though not required for the purposes of transferring, we encourage applicants to acqaint themselves with the culture, geography, and history of Nunavut and its people using the supplemental reading material.

2013 – Updated Territorial Mobility Agreement (Pending implementation)All Canadian Law Societies have signed on to extend the TMA.

  • Click here to download the recent TMA.

March 2006 – At their annual general meeting, members of the Law Society of Nunavut vote to adopt the Territorial Mobility Agreement.